Why hasn't my ex blocked me on whats app. After he broke up with me?

What Does it mean when your hidden in a relationship away from his family and friends
How can I get my ex back after warning him about contacting the police?


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  • Why must he block you? why should he block you? I mean you don't have to block someone to get over them. Blocking someone is one of the ways to break contact with them, and in that way you can get over them faster, but that's only one way. There can be so many other ways of getting over someone without blocking them.

    It seems he is very mature and also very clear in his thinking so he doesn't need to block you.

    • But doesn't that mean he has feelings in some way he hasn't blocked me?

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    • It seems you really care about him a lot, in fact it seems you still love him. I can understand you want him back. However it's not going to be easy for you. All you can do is just be around him, be the person whom he can depend when he needs someone.

    • But I went too far with how he pushed me away and he said were finnished

  • Because he's mature!
    Is it necessary to block each other after breaking up? If you ended your relationship with respect you wouldn't care to block each other, if not... Well... You do.

    • doesn't it mean he has feelings at all for me or his watching my stuff? I messed up he black mailed me it got messy but I really want him back.

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    • I'm sorry girl. He doesn't sound like a good man, you defiantly deserves someone better.. You need to move on
      Maybe you're the one who should block him

    • I can't cause i miss not knowing him he pushed me to stop contacting him and then I went mad and begun contacting his family his sister didn't care she defended him. Made me look like a mug then when he found out i called his sister he blackmailed me. But it was heat of the moment. I miss him and really wantvhim back

  • Maybe he don't care

    • Meaning if he hasn't blocked he still doesn't care?

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    • You reported him to the police, and still think he has feelings for you?
      Forget it

    • then why doesnthe block me on whats app? I spoke to his family who know nothing about me then he blackmailed with stuff to do with me i had know choice but police didn't really contact him as he didn't directly threathen me. But all im wondering is why hasn't he blocked on whats app

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