Do ex boyfriends naturally think that you'd be open to getting back together with them if you like their Facebook pictures?

I moved away for work overseas and my ex boyfriend visited the town where I'm currently living. We discussed meeting up before he left but when he arrived I told him that I didn't want to see him. Two days before he left to travel back home, I messaged him on Facebook to tell him that I'd meet up with him for coffee. He tried to meet me at the time that we'd arranged but he missed his train and his phone died. He borrowed someone's phone at the Train Station and messaged me what had happened.

I wasn't happy at him for not meeting me on time at the Coffee Shop so I reluctantly agreed to meet up with him an hour later even though he didn't pressure me to meet up with him.

When I finally met up with him, we talked for a little while before I had to go to meet a friend. He tried to hug me goodbye but I didn't want to because of how angry I was at him.

He flew home and we haven't spoken for six months. Since I last saw him, he's started working out more and got a really attractive haircut. He posts pictures on his Facebook and even though he was always a good looking guy, he's now an absolutely gorgeous guy. I've found myself liking his new pictures. I couldn't stop looking at them. He looks so good.

I don't think that I want to get back together with him when I return home. Being a guy, will he accept my Facebook likes as just me letting him know that I think that he looks good or will he think that I want him back? He hasn't messaged me on Facebook yet and we still haven't spoken since he arrived back home.

Should I be liking his Facebook pictures considering what happened?


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you just increase his self esteem, and I could catch a little bit desperateness in your voice, you kinda regret leaving him, but your own self esteem is telling you: "oh no I won't go back to him this is impossible, how could I sacrifice my self confidence to get back to him no, what others will think that I'm weak person? no no I'm not, I'm better than him and will prove that to him one day" till you find out that sometimes your self esteem may play a bad game and you leave alone completely for whole your life.
    Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • You're definitely allowed to like his pictures! You're just saying yeah you look good! I wouldn't worry too much unless he brings it up. Unless you want to clear the air then message him first if not don't stress.. ☺️

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