Do exes get jealous when they know you don't care anymore?

I talked to this guy on and off for nine months for so long we became "best friends" but long story short he was a bum who honestly treated me like shit he was just a great manipulator. I finally dumped him and started dating this guy who treated me like a queen. Fast forward two year of dating this guys still super happy still treats me great. After months of my ex telling me he misses me, to the songs he listens to that makes him cry bc he thinks of me, to you're a whore, to I have new girlfriend, to bringing her to a mural friends funeral when I didn't bring my boyfriend out of respect because he didn't know my friend, to just blocking my ex EVERY WHERE, to him moving an hour away, to me unblocking him because what's the point now? Well then he messages me saying if I want to talk to call him on Facebook so I do so I can apologize for how things ended and what I did and said (not for him for me because I had been apologizing to the people I had felt I "did wrong") and I told him that. He told me he was unhappy, his girlfriend is just like his mother (who he dislikes) that he's moved back and his girlfriend still lives an hour away and they hardly talk, he doesn't "give a shit" what she thinks. But how he's making so much money and blah blah. I tell him I'm still vary happy with my boyfriend, I have a nice job that pays great, my boyfriend and I moved in together, and that I'm just finally happy with life. I say I'm sorry and he try's to act like EVERYTHING that led to us not working out was because of me, all of it not my undying loyalty to him for nine months while he found another girl to screw. Then my phone died. When it charged I got another message saying "you never cared I can see that" just acting so upset that we broke up 2 YEARS AGO. And I simply told him "if you honestly think that ask anyone who really knew us or me and they'll tell you different" and he was just so pissy and upset about it. I don't understand why after 2 years he would still be butt hurt.
Do exes get jealous when they know you don't care anymore?
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