He doesn't want a relationship with me anymore?

me and my ex broke up 6 month ago we went out for 2 years. The reason was basically that he end up in a bad financial situation and it put lot of stress on are relationship and we end up fighting because of it. When we meet it as love and we couldn't get enough of each other, I stood by him during is hard time and I never gave up on are relationship but because of his mood dues to his problems we end it.. But since the brake up the longest time we didn't speak to each other is 7 days, we always end up seeing each other, I made the mistake of sleeping with him (because I haven't slept with anybody else since the break up and let face it I am not made out of wood but he slept with a lot of girl but he always come back...Last night at 5 in the morning he came to my house to cuddle. He drove an hour and 1/2 to come to my house..But he doesn't want a relationship with me anymore?I don t get it obviously it s not better with the other girl because then why would he do all that driving for cuddling? By the way I am french so sorry if there is mistake in my writing;)


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  • well.. I think that he likes you still.. but I don't know why you got with him.espcially if ur trynna get over him. I mean odviously you would rather fight with him then make love with any one else.. and him gettin with other girls is juss a way to show that he is trynna move on.. and yea.. its cool that you stayed by his side when things were messed up.. that shows him that ur loyal.. and not all girls are like that.. but basically it juss means that he is having a hard time moving on like he wants to.. and he's not really ready to let go...hes juss bein a guy.. so you could eiher talk to him adn ask him if he wants to work things out.. or else try to find a new man and tell him to move on since he thinks its soo easy..


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