How to deal with someone fading you out?

So, for the past couple of months I was seeing someone, but we never got to the point of having "the talk" so it was only casual. He seemed really interested in me, even more than I did at some times. He was super affectionate and we had a lot of fun together, and he actually seemed like a really good, stand up guy. There were some issues on my end, he didn't text much but we worked by each other so we saw each other 2-3 times a week so it wasn't that big of a deal. He also has hid me from his ex's mom because he works with her, he REALLY didn't want her to know. I feel like that could have been reasonable, but I also wondered if it was because he didn't want his ex to know he was seeing other people. So, I wondered if I should even stick around because this all made me uncomfortable, and honestly, I liked him but didn't have "butterflies" when I thought about him or was over the top infatuated with him. But I feel like he is fading me out now. He doesn't work by me anymore so I haven't seen him and of course haven't gotten a text. It is as if it is not super convenient for him anymore so he's forgotten about me. I am giving him until tomorrow night to contact me because if he doesn't, due to his schedule, I won't see him on the weekend so two weeks will then go by. Now that he is fading on me I am so bummed and kind of angry. He also didn't seem like the type to do that. Also, we were intimate so being a girl, I have that stupid extra connection and that is also making this so hard. Now, if he doesn't contact me today or tomorrow I am going to be bummed each day. How to I go back to the mindset where I didn't care? Why do I care now that he is fading? And also, I am so bummed, how to I deal with this?
How to deal with someone fading you out?
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