Would you talk to your ex after they were cruel to you after they dumped you?

My ex wants to chat, but it's half hearted nonsense messages 2 years after dumping me. He done things that were borderline evil to me and to this day picking my self esteem up from the gutter. Now he wants to chat I've only replied to one message of hi, he asked how I was but I never replied and don't think I ever will. I've shut communication off now by deleting the messenger app on my phone.
He apologised before but in my life I think actions speak louder than words and to be truly sorry would never be to contact me again, right?
I begged for months to him after he dumped me and it was abuse and nastiness from his end until he shut me off and blocked me, I moved on! now for the year I've been out his life he thinks he can come back.. I'm no mug I have no trouble cutting people from my life who have hurt and abused me- my dad for example.
What irks me is that he doesn't really understand how much he hurt me, but by ignoring these pointless messages he sends is that sending the message across that I don't want him back in my life? As if he cares how I am lol, after the stuff he done he should be ashamed of ever contacting me again. complete nerve of him!

has anyone experienced this before? Share your story and what you done to make a point to someone that hurt you.


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  • I have. Several times.
    I've given them opportunities to redeem their-selves, but people don't change for the most part.
    Out of the 7 people I've cut out of my life for being toxic, cancerous relationships, only 1 has come back and proved she was genuinely changed and penitent.

    • Maybe something happened in her life for her to realise she done it to others, think when they put themselves in the shoes of those they hurt it kills a bit inside when it's done back to them.

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    • This man does not want to be my friend, he has a girlfriend and the girlfriend and him would phone me up giving me abuse, they since had a baby and he's been keeping tabs on my love life accusing me of sleeping with someone that bullied him at school, the man in question was someone I spoke to once in my whole life and for some reason he told my ex I had sex with him. I don't know just childish things he's 30 years old, if he was going to show change he'd keep his comments and his nastiness to himself

    • Well thats all I need to hear. Back to the curb for him.

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  • Wow I'm coming across many post lately involving possible narcissistic people. He is probably narcissistic (if you haven't considered it please google narcissistic boyfriend) or he could be just plain screwy in the head. You should leave him alone and/or let him know you do not want anything to do with him. He destroyed you, and why is he come back around, wants something from you?

    Or sick enough to see how you are making it after he treated you cruelly. I would give him a piece of my mind and send him on his way. I have not had a boyfriend like that, but I have had people like that - clear narcissist and the sick thing about them is they pretend to care, smile in your face while either looking for your weaknesses or taking pleasure in your suffering.

    I have been plenty hurt by people like that and I usually would get into arguments with them and voice I felt. Then I realize arguing with such people was pointless as they are not any type of reasonable or even wanting peace. I learned to stop arguing and just cut them out of my life, that is all that can be done.

    • He saw a picture of me few months ago on a dating site, and his first words were You edit your pictures you're old.. nice huh, because I ignored his pleas how he changed when I wasn't interested. everytime I cut him off he crops up elsewhere, he's insane- what normal person does that? This is not a post dumped month of madness and desperate- this is dumper over a year later. unbelievable I actually thought setting people on him but that and him are beneath me, I'm to nice a person but patience is wearing thin, I don't deserve any of it, I keep thinking his actions is guilt to get me to react to his badness but he's coming off as insane.

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    • I changed my number, blcked him from Facebook.. he only got my messaging app name by pretending to be someone else.. I've deleted that as well. So it is harassment basically

    • Wow that is crazy, nearly stalking. Well that is way crossing the line and cyberharrasment stalking is illegal in most if not all states in the US. You should let him know that if he continues you will get the law involved, even if you do not go that far to really doing it, you should threaten him with and maybe he will back off. That is so crazy and bizarre and a lot for a person to handle. Even if you do not actually go the law route, you should check what options are open to you in your state. I could see how it would be trying to your patience.

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  • The situation sounds similar to mine, but I did speak to my ex after 5 years passed. He emailed me and apologized multiple times about how he cursed me out, but I yelled at him and told him to leave me alone. And after I said, fuck it we can stay friends - but thats all. And since then he's been less of an asshole.

    But if you feel you'll benefit from becoming his friend, then talk to him again. I say its better to have less enemies in life, we only have one life.

  • I've had them try to come back to me and walk back into my life and try to talk to me like nothing ever happened. I've done it probably once but for the most part they are still the same person and haven't changed a bit.