Is he holding on?

so my boyfriend and i broke up around 8-9 months ago.. after a 3 yr relationship we were crazy in love but also argued a lot about stupid things.. he was jealous and paranoid at times and i guess after some point i acted in the same way as him and he didn't like it anw... every few months he txts me and says he just wants to know if im ok because he had a bad feeling.. about 3 months ago he text me 2 go for a coffee and when i asked y after so long he wouldn't give me a straight answer.. i had to decline as i had a something important on that day. there was no word from him after that. now a few months later he txts again saying that he may come 2 my city and if i'd like to see him... i was hesitant but said if he was in town to let me know and i'd see.. he didn't end up coming.. what is he doing? why does he text me every few months? im trying so hard to move on and everytime i do he does something strange like this... i thought he had moved on since my friends saw him on fb with another girl checked into places im not sure who she is.. what does he want from me? to make sure i dont move on?
Is he holding on?
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