My boyfriend and I broke up but we live together?

My boyfriend and i broke up... a week ago. We live together and still sleep in the same bed under different covers. We broke up because he thought it was beat for the both of us. Our problem: we consistently argue everyday an all the time. He works nights 7days a week and i work days.. The only free time he do get he spend it with his friends and go out late. Never spend time with me or he tries to spend time with me an his friend together... only time its me and him is bedtime. Point is arguing became stressful for me an him but he gave up... but he saids he's done with the relationship an dont go back n forth... but yet i still wanna be with him this last week we haven't called or text one another and only speak a few words before bed... He tried to hold me one night an i told him no it was to emtional for me and the other night tried to engage in convo... I don't know i cnt be his friend it hurts to bad... will we ever get back together or is this really the end. ?
My boyfriend and I broke up but we live together?
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