What to do when the girl you love breaks up with you out if the blue. She says she can't have a relationship right now? Do I just move?

What to do when the girl you love breaks it off with you. She broke up with me out of nowhere. We were in love or I thought we were. She says she doesn't want to make me miserable. She isn't happy with her life right now. She says she can't be in a relationship right now or date anyone. She still texts me all the time and wants to hang out all the time but just as friends. She got mad at me for not texting her in 3 days and ignoring her because I thought that was the right thing to do to move on if she isn't interested in me anymore. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do as I really love this girl.


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  • If you need the time and space to move on, take it for yourself. It sounds like she doesn't know what she wants, she knows it's NOT you, but she hasn't found something else yet. Breakups are hard even if you're the person who did it, because you still miss having someone there. I never really understand people who say that they can't be in a relationship right now, to someone they're ALREADY WITH.. because at that point I would think that they would just stay together until whatever tough times have passed.

  • I feel like she is having a pity party and because of other things going on her life she just wants to be extra miserable. But, I don't know how she can think it is cool to want to be friends right away or go on as if you were still together. I don't think she really wanted to break up, like I said she is just, "woe is me" so let's ruin everything.

    • I think she's going through some depression. She says she doesn't have control of her life. Every time I try talking to her about it she starts crying and tryst to talk about something else

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  • If she doesn't want you, it doesn't matter that you love her; you have no future together. It is possible that she is being sincere with her explanation but I suspect that there is something else that she is not telling you.

    How long have you been together? How far has your relationship progressed?

    • We've been together for a year. She would say I'm the guy for her to marry. I never said anything like that towards her. I feel like she's going through depression. She crystal every time I talk to her about her life. She's so sad lately. I don't know if she needs me around.

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    • She says she doesn't want to lose me. She cares about me very much but she thinks she's going to make my life miserable in the future. She says she can't picture her life without me or talking to me. She can't explain why we can't be together. This makes me so confused. She's so sad and it hurts me to see her like that

    • Most likely, she feels that she is bringing you down and feels guilty about that.

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