Girlfriend was starting to talk to another guy?

Hey everyone me and my girlfriend have been dating for 16 months. Everything has been good until now. She wanted a break to "figure out what she wanted" so I agreed. Her friend tells me that she had been talking to another guy and shows me screenshots of her messages to her saying she was falling for him etc... I confront my girlfriend and she starts crying and says that he was just someone to talk to about our problems and that she is so sorry and will never do anything like that again and that she only wants me. She blocks him on everything and its been 2 weeks and Im trying to be happy but its hard to get that thought out of my head. She was starting to fall for another guy and its not all her fault because I wasn't being as good to her but thats no excuse. I dont know whether to call the relationship quits or not i just need an outside thought on this


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  • Well i assume she told you she "wanted to figure what she wanted out" because she was contemplating about being with this other dude she has talked to. Yeah she has deleted the guy and blocked him, but if she fell for him, she wouldn't be over him that easily. It's hard to get over someone you care and fall for. What you want to do with your relationship is up to you. I mean she can be with that guy and you can be happy knowing that you don't have a girlfriend falling for other men outside of the relationship.


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  • it's already over man, you're wasting your time and her time...
    the basic rule in relationships is either you want eachother 100% or not if it's 99% then you should follow the 1% and try to fix it and be sure it's fixed or just get out of it so you don't get hurt more in future !
    look I had almost the same, I found out texts and stuff and we broke up then went to a different country to start a new life after she criedd and promised not to do that again but after a while she started acting strange again and I found out she was cheating on me and after some digging I found out that the last one before this wasn't just texting but she was cheating too !!! this is why she asked me for a space for a while, and I came to understand the whole story, I was the perfect guy in her eyes but she wanted some side relations once a while for a change !!!
    so be careful and open your eyes wide open and be wise !!


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  • I wouldn't want to be with someone who falls into the arms of someone else every time we had issues within the relationship. That would be a deal-breaker for me.

    The strength of a relationship isn't having the absence of problems , its having the ability to resolve any issues together. Working together as a couple to help the relationship to survive. Communication with each other is of utmost importance. Reaching out to someone else will only drive you both apart.


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  • Are you sure you weren't being good to her? What were you doing? Are you sure you were doing something wrong, or does she have unreasonable expectations?

    I'm saying this because someone wanting a break and saying "I have to figure out what they want" would pretty much immediately signal to me that she doesn't want me anymore.

  • If i was you i wouldbreak up with her... she hid things from you and she was gonna cheat on you..

    Thats shady behavior . i mean think about it if she was not caught then she wouldn't even tell you about it

    Dump her now or regret it. cauze to me your relationship is over

    I mean she can't just run away when any problem occurs everytime... she is not mature to be in a relationship

  • She's checking if the grass is greener on the otherside.
    You can:
    a - try to work it out unless it really bothers you
    b - call it quits.

    I don't know if she cheated - since I don't know when did she start talking to another guy.

    • about two weeks. apparently he cut her off because she was still talking to me and he didn't like that. I saw the texts.

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    • Them talking. She says they only talked about eachothers relationship problems but her friend said she showed her a picture of him shirtless. So I know they probably talked about other things as well. Also, during the break it was almost like we were still dating you could say. We would still see eachother everyday and talk but she would act distant. I think she was just trying to figure out what she wanted and was confused

    • So, how are you guys now? I've been busy, sorry.

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