Girlfriend was starting to talk to another guy?

Hey everyone me and my girlfriend have been dating for 16 months. Everything has been good until now. She wanted a break to "figure out what she wanted" so I agreed. Her friend tells me that she had been talking to another guy and shows me screenshots of her messages to her saying she was falling for him etc... I confront my girlfriend and she starts crying and says that he was just someone to talk to about our problems and that she is so sorry and will never do anything like that again and that she only wants me. She blocks him on everything and its been 2 weeks and Im trying to be happy but its hard to get that thought out of my head. She was starting to fall for another guy and its not all her fault because I wasn't being as good to her but thats no excuse. I dont know whether to call the relationship quits or not i just need an outside thought on this
Girlfriend was starting to talk to another guy?
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