Am I wrong for feeling betrayed and being mad that my friend wants to move in on my soon to be ex wife?

This is killing me, one of my best friend's (Best Man) is asking to date my ex wife. We are almost done with the divorce and I have a son with her. He is a great guy and dad and has children with his soon to be ex wife. I want the best for her and he would be a great find/match for her and I would trust him to take care of my son when they have him but I can't stop feeling hurt/mad/sad. The breakup was pretty bitter and I lost a lot of close friends because of it, i don't want to lose another. Am I being too selfish?

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  • it's totally unfair of him, that's the number one code between guy friends especially that she was your wife !!! either you stop seeing him and agree on the situation or talk to both at the same time somewhere and discus the best solution, cause it's gonna be very weird !

    • Agreed. yeah of all the women in the world right?

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    • Wait, why do you think it was planned?

    • just forget about it man, fuck both of them... don't waste your time on them they are not worth it !

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  • You're just about of have the divorce finalized. I don't blame you for feeling upset over that since it's probably too soon for you to think about that. Tell your friend you're not 100% over the pain the divorce has caused and need time before he tries anything.

  • It's perfectly valid to feel the way you feel, I totally understand where you're coming from and you're not wrong for feeling that way. It's probably a little too soon and it's unferstandable that it's cutting a bit close to the quick. I think you should take him out for a drink and tell him how you feel. You can tell him you'd rather him wait a while but that keeping your friendship is important too.

  • No u have justified emotions u just have to except there's little you can do about it... Its a sad thing.. Out if your control im afraid.😕


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