What do you do when your mom and girlfriend clash?

I'm a student living at home and I've been seeing this girl form about 2 months now until in introduced her to mom. They had a clash the like of which you've never seen like if you drop a 1,000,000 megaton bomb ( that probley would be safer) least you would be dead. So we broke up the night ( this happens about a week ago) she pretty much said what all of my girlfriend have said when they've dumped me "if it wasn't for that bitch I would love to be with you but knowing I would have to deal with that is to much" this has happen to now 4-5 girl (1 I broke up with ) what do I do I love my mom but every time I bring a girl about well let's just say you could here the agrueing in space and there no sound in space. Do I just wait tell I don't want to disown my family cuz the rest are perfectly fine my girlfriends get along with brother sister nieces nephew dad ( grandparents are dead) but yea it seem to be only mom what do I do? And my parents arnt Devored so to see dad I have to see mom
What do you do when your mom and girlfriend clash?
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