What do you do when your friends accuse you of liking someone?

and you do but they keep bugging you about ti and you don't want it to be awkward when you're with them and your friends are there..

what do you tell your friends when they accuse you like a joke and keep bugging you about it..? what if you don't trust them fully?


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  • dont tell them, joke avoid the question, deny it if you are worried.

    • I do but they're like I'm just going to keep bugging you. and the way they brought it up was talking about prom and one was like to the other "i think she should go with him they're so cute together" and I didn't really say anything to avoid it and she was like "you totally agree with me"

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  • Then don't tell them say something along the lines of I don't like him in that way we are friends. deny it change the subject or even flip it back on them and bug them about someone they like that should shut them up quickly lol

    • But they both have boyfriends so there isn't anything to turn on them and they want me to go to prom with him but I might say something like "well id say yes if he asked but I mean I don't really care to go and he's nice but I'm not sure that I would have fun"

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    • Because all my friends are going with dates and nobody goes to prom dateless

    • I am lol *sigh* why don't you ask him out? When you do that your friends will stop messing with you and you get a date win win.

  • Admit it, be like "Yeah, I like him, so what?" They probably aren't expecting that...

    • But I can't because one of my best friends hooked up with him and I don't want it getting back to her

    • Do you like him?

    • I'm starting to yeah but I was planning on telling her after prom if he asked me because it makes more sense

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