Why would he keep messaging me?

So my boyfriend of two months
Asked me to go to his house so I did
And I was disrespected by literally everyone there including him
So I left
He didn't chase after me nothing I didn't message him for a few days he was worried (so he says) so I messaged him told him to come pads I told him how I felt
I didn't go back to his place for 3 weeks
He said he would come to mine on Sunday but he told he's room mate oh I'm not going to hers since she hasn't came here in 3 weeks
Stupid went to he's house coz he asked
And was disrespected again he started a fight with me over what petrol I put in my car..
I left
He didn't chase after me I messaged him how I felt and how he doesn't care and he disregard everything I wrote and turned my words back on me and dumped me

It's been a week since then and he has been messaging me on and off just talking about random shit I don't understand


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, his behavior wasn't right at all, I mean it's a really bad way to treat a girlfriend.

    May be he realizes his mistake now. He might be wanting you back, but before you do anything about this make sure he has changed and that he won't repeat that behavior again with you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He is stupid (sorry to say) and you are worth more than that.
    Take my word for it: move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • he is an asshole! .. if he doesn't respect you, then you don't need him.. you need someone to make you feel better not worse ! life is short enjoy it and the right person will come if you wait, let him go fuck him self, don't text back and it will be better if you block him everywhere...

  • He wants you back.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stop playing games with him and just move on. It sounds like to me he doesn't know what he wants. One minute he wants you the next minute he doesn't.