Why would he keep messaging me?

So my boyfriend of two months
Asked me to go to his house so I did
And I was disrespected by literally everyone there including him
So I left
He didn't chase after me nothing I didn't message him for a few days he was worried (so he says) so I messaged him told him to come pads I told him how I felt
I didn't go back to his place for 3 weeks
He said he would come to mine on Sunday but he told he's room mate oh I'm not going to hers since she hasn't came here in 3 weeks
Stupid went to he's house coz he asked
And was disrespected again he started a fight with me over what petrol I put in my car..
I left
He didn't chase after me I messaged him how I felt and how he doesn't care and he disregard everything I wrote and turned my words back on me and dumped me

It's been a week since then and he has been messaging me on and off just talking about random shit I don't understand
Why would he keep messaging me?
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