Is he truly done with our relationship?

My boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me this past Tuesday. We had been fighting a lot, mostly because of me. I've been feeling very insecure about myself lately and I've been taking my stress out on him and being very questioning. I know this is not healthy behavior, and I'm taking steps to better myself and my confidence. However, my boyfriend told me he could not do it anymore, despite me telling me I will work on myself. He told me he loved me very much but he thinks I need to work on myself, and that there isn't anything I can do right now to salvage the relationship.

Hardest part? We live together. He hasn't been staying at the apartment (probably staying at friends/parents house) but his stuff is still there. He literally hasn't moved anything out. We have barely spoken to each other, other than about bills. I did see him yesterday when he came to change after work and things seemed okay. He spoke to me and said he would see me later.

I'm feeling confused because I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want to break up, maybe that he just needs some space to see if I will actually change my ways? If anyone could offer some insight, or advice, please offer it below. Thanks in advance :)
Is he truly done with our relationship?
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