My ex and my current man

well about 6 months ago I broke up with my ex boyfriend, and we weren't really talking because I found out he had been sleeping with basically anything that has a he moved to cali. and so I moved on to my current man, and were just starting to get our relationship starting when my ex starts textin me again. and my current boyfriend don't talk to me as much as I would like, so I txt my ex back.

so what I'm really asking is if you were my boyfriend, would you be mad if you found out I was talking (just socially) to my dirty cheating ex?

thanks for being nice and all but I really need some blunt answers.

i really don't wanna screw things up with the dude I'm with now.


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  • I would be a bit worried but not necessarily mad. Every relationship has tails. You just need time to cut off from him. The issue here is not your old boyfriend , you have to get things working with the new one so you are satisfied. Its a bad sign that he doesn't talk to you much . Talk to him and tell him you need him around.


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  • Then stop all contact with your ex immediately!

  • Not mad but I wouldn't be happy with it.


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