How do guys feel after being broken up with?

Just broke up with my boyfriend for cheating and now I'm wondering how he will feel. He's very nonchalant about things and likes to hide how he really feels. Do you think he will miss me or even attempt to come back?


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  • depends on the guy, if he actually cared about you or not, and what he or you did.

    • Well he cheated and he's doing everything in his power to show me he's changed but I can't trust him anymore.

    • well maybe he does feel bad doesn't mean he won't do it again doesn't mean he will either. my advice is if you dont think you can trust him again then do not get back with him. if you can't trust him then you have no foundation to build on.

  • I never cheated, but I felt like a piece of me was missing when my girlfriend broke up with me. I couldn't sleep or eat. I hated the world and didn't want to talk to anyone. It was the lowest point in my life. Luckily, we worked things out and now we're engaged.


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