Hi, its regarding a break up issue. will girls get back to their ex-boyfriend?

hello, i am sudhan i. i was in a relationship for 2 years. because of some stupid fight v got separated. yeah its a break up. its been 1 year since v brokeup. i think she forgot me, but i couldnt. i am not sure that she forgot me or not. but i have some small guess that she is on her way to forget me. my question is, is it true that girls easily forget their ex. but seriously i need her back. i tried too many times to get her back. every attempt is a failure for me. could you guys please help me to get her back.


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  • it depends on what was this stupid fight for. did you contact after break up? who broke up with whom? I don't know if girls forget faster... it depends on personality. try, you have nothing to loose. maybe she has her own life now but she keeps space for you in it? I don't know. I'm a big supporter of fighting for somebody. I have not nice situation as well now. I'm a mess so I don't know if my advice is objective.


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  • Yes, I think women have the capacity to forget about their ex ( quickly indeed)