I don't want to be just another girl for him!!! help please

ok so, me and this guy have been dating for 2 months now, and he still haven't asked me to be his girlfriend, but he treats me like I am, I met his family,he met mine,i met his friends,he met mine,he calls me babe..like I'm his girlfriend already,but I'm not..he even gets jealous sometimes, and said I'm his #1.. :) and I know soon I'll be his gf, but that's not the problem here. he was with his ex for 2 years...and he had many girlfriend before her too.,and I found out me and his ex aren't the only ones that met the parents..well please help me, I want to show him I'm DIFFERENT! because I really am, and I don't want him to take just as anothe 1 of his gfs..i want to be that SPECIAL ONE, the one that he will get so in love with.but I want him to see I'm different.help

he took me to his dad's birthday at their house..and all his family was there, his grandparents of the mom's side and of the dad's side, his uncles and his aunt,his cousins,their family frieds,nephews and a lot of his family.i got inroduced to all of them
and he told them "its the girl I showed you guys on the pictures,its her" ..i was like omg.cuz on V-day he took me on a dinner on the most expensive resturant in town,payed $140 and we went out all day, he took like 300 pics of me,we had a picnic.. :)


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  • Just keep being you, it takes time for a guy to make up his mind its a slow process, its a feeling that has to grow over time just have fun and keep being awsome he will see tht you are special...


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  • Shouldn't really push on it because he might have trust issues. Not saying that he doesn't trust you.. Just if I with a girl for over 2 years, I would be heart broken. There always going be a part of the story about that break up that he won't tell you. Just give him sometime. Maybe he's just waiting for the right moment to ask you out. =]

    • Yea, I feel like this time he wants to make sure I'm the right girl, because he probably thought his ex was the right girl but it turned out she wasent, now he really dislikes her..and I feel like he wants to wait and see if I am that girl for him,because if he rushes up for a relationship with me, he might not know me as good.u know what I am mean?

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    • Yea.but the 1st day he got there(friday) he turned on his aim and we were talking on the camera. :) and than yesterday he called me 2 times when he was about to drink in the club. and he texted me like 2 times. and its a lot of money to call/text from another country. and he kept on saying "your my number 1"..like 3-4 times he said it lol.. :)

    • Lol that means he always thinking of you and he wants you know this

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  • You need to just tell this guy that if he likes you, then to make it official. It's unfair for him to treat you like a girlfriend, but not validate you. If you are his #1 then it should not be a problem. If it is, then he really didn't like you that much anyway. If he's not willing to give you the respect you deserve, then don't waste your time on him.


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