Is it really over?

I've been seeing this guy off and on 2 years (never off because of feelings, work always got in the way for us) He moved to GA and we were seeing each other until December then got into a huge fight about communication. Then at the end of February things were going great between us and we got back together. He deiced to move back to Texas and told me 60% was because of me and 30% his family. We talked all day Friday and then nothing satuday and Sunday. I hate being ignored and when I'm ignored I tend to flip out (which is bad on my end) I ended up pushing him into a corner (on the phone) and told him "you either want to be with me or don't. If your done then be done" ( we weren't fight I was just mad about the communication) he told me not to push him into a corner or I wasn't going to like then answer then of course pride took over and I told him don't threaten me. So he said "I'm done just done" I told him are "you sure" You just want to throw everything away? & I told him to think about it." He said "he would and that he will call me when he calls me." Is this a breaking point for a man to where its over or is there still a chance where I should just give him space" He hasn't started his new job yet and just made this move to Texas 3 days ago. Please any advice at all will help
Is it really over?
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