How to move on after breaking up with friends that you once cared about?

For me it is not always easy to let go of things, but if I do, I want to know everything before I let go and move on. However, there are flash backs of the moment when I had great times with the friends that I had that I broke up with, it is hard for me to move on then, what would your suggestion be, to move on after breaking up with friends.

*I never dated anyone, but I do not think it makes any difference.


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  • Believe it or not I am also going through something similar. I know the pain that can be associated with leaving those who once meant so much to you.

    To be honest, you will never fully get over it. There will always be flashbacks or times where you will think about the past with your friends. That should never be a problem. You should be able to look back and reminisce about the great times you had.

    But its important to not STAY there. Right now things are different and you have to adjust your life accordingly. Now, focus on yourself. Find or develop your hobbies. Focus on planning for your future. Focus on where you are going in life. Who knows, maybe you are at a new phase in your life where your old friends have to be left behind.

    Focus on developing yourself bro. It will keep your mind off of the void that your old friends used to fill. The great thing about life is that new friends will come through and take the place of those who used to be there :)


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  • Your brain sees it as a lost, a death, or someone thing missing. Common but just think they had detach themselves from your life in order for you to grow. No matter if they moved, died, or been a douche bag in the end. Change feels good. Like the bible once taught me, a woman who goes through labor pain will only feel pain at that moment but when the child is delivered ( if all goes well) then the woman and all in her respective family will rejoice. you must welcome the change first. It's necessary.

  • I don't think you can fully get over it. I can understand it's hard


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