My ex is moving in with his girlfriend?

It makes me feel so sad, and i don't know why. I don't want to be with him though.
I feel like he's moving on and being happy and im stuck here hurt from our relationship still, its been nearly a 10months now
Will i ever get over this?, iv tried to meet over people but i find it hard as i have the children all the time and never really get much free time.
Everytime im down i think about him. It makes me think im only worth that relationship (which wasn't healthy for either of us).
Im sick of crying, im sick of fighting with myself. Im scared to put myself out there and be hurt. Will this ever be different, or is this me for the rest of my life?


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  • I think when a relationship ends, it always hurts one person more than the other and both deal with it differently. I as well have two children, who are with me practically 24/7 while my children's father has free time to work and go out whenever he pleases. Just be proud that you are there for your children and you are being a responsible mother. I know it's hard not to wonder "well why is he happy and not me?" Your time will come when you meet someone who will make you so happy, keep your chin up! I know exactly how you feel, but we've got to stay positive! Good luck baby girl, stay strong!

    • It hasn't hurt me before as its what i wanted, but really thought he would stil be a dad to his children. I am so proud of how far i have come, i just gets difficult at times when im soo worn out. Yes the children will know i have been there throughout all this even while studying to make a better life for them. I hope one day i manage to let someone in. Aww thank you so much i will do. Hope you do to! Xx

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  • or is this me for the rest of my life? it is if you dont get over it

    • I do want to get over it. Like i said i dont want to be with him. I guess im gutted he's moved on so fast. He doesn't take care of his children. So i do it on my own ans study. I guess im resentful but i don't want to be i don't even want to think about him. Its only when im down

    • times your friend here

    • Hope so

  • He's your EX... move on.. he did... he has his life. let it go

    • Yes i know this. And im trying, just alittle hard sometimes. Especially when he doesn't see his kids coz he has a new girlfriend. Coz my younger children are confussed it also makra ut harder to move on. Just not as easy for mums as it is for dads as some of them push their responsiblies to one side while making a new relationship.
      Like i said i have the children with me all the time. While im studying to become a nurse it isn't easy one bit.

    • Do your best.. hang in there

  • I'm same as you but without kids. I don't know how she can move on with some other person so easily? Its like does she not even think about me anymore, or how good we were together etc ;'-(

    • I understand what you mean. Over time it will get easier. Good luck xx

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