How do I get over a relationship that ended from bad timing?

I am a junior in college and this spring semester i met this guy in one of my classes. In march we started to become good friends. We ended up having so much in common and hung out a lot. Eventually after about a month of being close friends, one thing lead to another and we hooked up. Ever since that night we've been inseparable and things started progressing pretty fast. Its only been a month but the connection is so strong and we are the same person. The problem is, he is a senior and is graduating in 2 weeks. He keeps saying that i am the girl he was supposed to meet in college and he's just so upset at the timing of everything. He said had he met me sooner wed be in a relationship right now and how badly he wants me to meet his family etc. I kept telling him not to think about it and to enjoy it while it lasts and that our paths were meant to cross for a reason even if the timing sucks. Well the other night we were just talking and he suddenly had a minor freak out. He told me that he likes me so much and is starting to get really attached to me and when he falls, he falls really hard. He told me he was scared to progress the relationship more because if he already feels this way after a month then he thinks leaving in 2 weeks will destroy him. I told him that we should just enjoy the time we have and ride it out but he's so afraid of getting any closer. I tried to be mature and respect his decision. I thought i would be okay with this but i miss him so much. We can't do long distance because well be on opposite sides of the country, but its causing me so much pain to have him in my vicinity but not being able to interact with him on a deeper level. I feel that 2 weeks won't make a difference and that once were out of eachothers site it'll be easier. I want to convince him to just live in the present and let whatever happens happen but he's so scared. How can i convince him its going to be okay? i just feel empty and sad losing him sooner than I have too :(
How do I get over a relationship that ended from bad timing?
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