Didn't tell ex I was moving?

Long story short my ex and I dated on an off for two years, the last six months of which were long distance. Probably the largest factor in our breakup was the distance. I was trying to get a job in the same town but with the terrible economy it took far longer than planned and our relationship didn't last. But right after we broke up I got a job down there (Murphys Law!) and moved down without telling him a darn thing because we're broken up and I have no interest in reconciliation romantic or otherwise. The longer I've been down here, the more I'm seeing him around town driving, walking, whatever and I think he's starting to piece together that I'm now living in this new town. Should I give him a heads up about me making it down? Or just ignore him and keep on keeping on like I have been? I'm trying not to be an awful person and keep things not awkward without inviting excess conversation.
Didn't tell ex I was moving?
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