My ex misses me?

K my ex and I broke up can't remember how long it's been,but anyways we broke up and I was so hurt we was dated for a year and some months and we did everything with each other, we want to spend are whole life together, but he broke up with me cause I did not trust me and I always bitched at him instead of treating him like a girlfriend. So he got a new girlfriend and everything and then something happen where I had to talk to him, so I talked to

him and he told me how much he missed me and how much he was still in love with me. So we became cool again and close and we started to have sex but he was still dating this girl and he want to be. with me so he was going to break up with her for me but stuff happened and I lied to him and he got hurt by and said he didn't love me and he wants nothing to do with me. So we didn't talk for about a month then he text my friend and said he missed me, so I text him to see if he really felt like that cause I did in then he start to say how he got flashbacks of what we did and blah blah and how he wanted to talk to me so badly but he thought I was done and I wanted nothing to do with him but I am confused does he love me still or what does he want


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  • Would he stick around if there was no sex?

    Sex ruins relationships faster than anything else.


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