What Should I Do About Him?

OK, so me and my ex broke up in August. he talked to me until mid-Oct. and then stopped. I tried to call and text once or twice, no response. I sent a FB message telling him how much I cared about him and sent a friend request, no response to either. So, from that time to early March I didn't hear from him. He called me and basically wanted to talk. He told me how he mad a big mistake, and that his mom/friends were encouraging him to reach out to me if he still had feelings. He told me how wrong he was, what's been going on in his life, and how he was talking to other girls to get over me.

He told me how in Dec. he was talking to his ex that month before she moved out of state, but she was still immature and his mom didn't like her. The reason they broke up is because she CHEATED, yet the reason he broke up with me was because of...
COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS. He told me they still talk on and off, but he would NEVER date her again and that he wasn't only trying to reach out because she was gone. I mean after 4 months, I still had feelings for him, but you know I was basically over him.
He asked to be friends and see where it leads, and I heard him out but I honestly don't know if I should invest any more time in him. So, please help me with your input. **** THIS POST HAS 4 PARTS BUT IT WAS TOO LONG, SO I BROKE IT DOWN.


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  • If he's kept you waiting this long and your gut is telling you that something isn't right here--you're probably right. If you have doubts about trusting him now, they won't just evaporate when you get together, in fact, they might get worse. You'd probably be better off moving on.

    • So if it was ur ex, even though you don't know him, would you give him a second chance? Or would you move on despite him being open about all that's going on. I just think it's weird how she CHEATED and I didn't, yet he has been communicating with her, and is just reaching out to me. I'm just confused.

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    • I really appreciate the advice, and like I think my whole issue is if this girl comes back around, I just don't want drama, Ya know I mean a lot of people are saying leave it in the past since he didn't talk to me up until now, but I honestly don't know how sincere he could be after this time.

    • I'm glad that I could help out. You seem like a really smart girl, you just have to learn to trust yourself a little more. You know you don't wanna deal with drama and if his ex comes back into play, then you know the whole thing is just going to get nasty. There's no need to put yourself through that. Go find a good guy who is "drama" free.

  • I'm not really sure I entirely understand the story here...are you thinking that the reason he broke up with you in the first place was not communication problems like he said, but the fact that he was still talking to his ex girlfriend? And so when things went south with her you think that he's trying to get back with you as a back up plan? What is it that is causing the problem? You don't trust him? If you can answer that for me, I'll be able to give you better input.

    • I thought it was that. However, I am kinda skeptical about talking to him because I think it's strange how she CHEATED yet he "talked" to her again, but we had communcation problems and he didn't talk to me up until now. He tells me he mad a mistake, and I don't even know why he even felt the need to tell me about him talking to her, but I don't know if I should give him another shot or move on.

    • Thanks lady!!! :)

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