Could my ex still be interested in me?

Ok so me and my ex was dating in 2015, we only went out for 3 weeks. I had broke up with him because I felt like he didn't trust me. Then, a few weeks after we broke up, he started being REALLY mean to me, like he would insult me. Then, when new year came and we went back to school, he was still being mean so I decided to try to move on because of his rudeness. Now, I'm completely moved on from him because I like someone else. Today, I had to sit by him for a group project. When I was sitting by him, he was asking a lot of questions that were awkward for me to answer (since I don't like him no more). Like, who's my crush or who I like and why I don't like him anymore. Also when I was looking on my ipad, he was moving closer to me and I was looking at him awkwardly and he was like "what, it must be weird to be close to you since we broke up?" and I just shrugged. He kept telling me to smile and I kept telling him no but I had laughed because he was looking at me and he was like "hey.. you have a dimple" and I told him that I only had one dimple and then he started trying to touch my dimple and I told him to stop and moved his hand and he was like "hey.. that actually brings back memories" and I didn't say anything. Then he had asked me if I remembered the time where he tried to kiss me on the cheek when we were in a relationship and I still didn't say anything, I just nodded. He kept trying to guess who I like. So, could my ex still be interested? @Paris13 @Applefan1 @smahala1991 can you answer this too please 😊
Yup, seems like it.
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Could my ex still be interested in me?
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