No closure? Creating it for myself?

I'm really struggling getting over this girl because there was no real closure in our relationship. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend. I don't know if you could call us friends---we knew each other for three, four months, talked and texted a lot, and we hung out one on one. But then she stopped hanging out and she never told me straight out she wasn't interested, but she never texted me again.

I can get over this if I could just get over the fact that there's no closure and there's no hope and that I didn't do anything wrong/nothing more that I can do. It's been a couple months. She just dropped me.


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  • create closure for yourself.. she was too much of a coward to give it to you.


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  • It obviously bugs you because you don't know what happened so different thoughts run through your mind and it ends up driving you crazy trying to work out what happened.

    You gotta simplify it, if she wanted to be with you then she would be. She isnt. Whatever the reasons are, they don't matter. That was the end result and its all that matters.

    • That really hits home. I just can't stop thinking if I should do/have done more, you know? Even though I know, deep down, that I did what I could do---I can only do so much. I guess I have to pay attention to the result---if she wanted to continue this, she would have, instead of letting me go and not caring.

    • Sorry if it sounded a bit harsh. I know exactly what you mean as I've been in the same situation and it can really play with your mind and drive you crazy. I had to put an end to it so started thinking that way and let go.

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