How to Repair Damage?

Me and my ex dated for 5 years and were each others first loves. We have been broken up now for a little under 6 months. Our schools were 2 hours apart, for those years I was the only one with a car and since I was the only one with a job 90% of all meals, dates, trips where paid by me. I am not saying this as a complaint because honestly she was worth it, I loved her so much and she was amazing.
When college ended, she had another year left, I could not splurge with her the way I could nor did I have the ability to visit her as frequently. I moved out on my own and had living expenses that greatly reduced funds. I took on a second job on weekends just to I can maintain some level of what we had. With everything going and increased stress from it a distance grew between us. I felt I was failing her, I had proposing to her in my mind but wanted to be more financially secure. I fell into a depression that not only made everyday life harder but made the distance even greater. I began closing off emotionally and noticed an increased amount of fights. Since I wasn't communicating what I was going through she began to rationalize why this distance was happening. She thought it had something to do her then believed that I was cheating on her. Any time I conversed with anyone of the opposite sex when she was there turned into a fight. Eventually she concluded I just didn't care.
As the distance between us grew wider she grew closer with one of her classmates. This was discovered after we split. I got to point where I just became burnt out and almost emotionless, my life was filled with regret and sense that I was failing at everything, major depression. I also picked up an old habit I promised my ex I was done with, weed. Long story short it got to the point where I felt I was causing her nothing but pain and unhappiness. I convinced myself the only way I can turn this all around was for us to take a break so I can address the demons I had going on. I broke up with her.
+1 y
here's the question:
After a few stupid break up mistakes trying to get her back we went no contact for a month. Jan 31 I called her to apologize for the I acted, for lying about the drugs, and for the pain I caused her with the breakup. Before that point I sought professional help and ended getting diagnosed with adult ADHD. I began aggressive therapy with medication. I went back to school and found a career Im passionate about. In the convo she told me she is dating that friend.
+1 y
After that I told her I am glad she is happy and wish her the best and placed the ball of at least reconnecting as friends on her court. I wished her the best.

I have grown so much during this time. With counseling my depression no longer has an impact on my life and noticed certain behaviors associated with ADD eradicating from my life. I never knew how much of an impact this can have on a relationship.

How can I begin to reopen communication with her?/ Bring up how I have changed?
How to Repair Damage?
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