Anyone know how to fix heart ache?

I'm desperate. It all hurts, and I want to forget him, and forgive myself for what I did to my ex. (two different guys. broke on heart, had my heart broken by another. Karma?)


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  • Time really does heal all wounds, its true. I know what your going through. My ex broke my heart and cheated on me when we first start dating; it hurt so bad that I felt like I was literally dieing slowly. The worst thing I did was take him back when he came back into my life; I winded up breaking up with him in the end. I recommend moving on, and keeping yourself busy. The pain will fade.

    • In suggestions on how to keep busy?

      Photography helped keep my mind off it for awhile.. but god, any music is like someones trying to plunge a dagger into my gut.

    • Then don't listen to music as much. Keep doing your hobbies, and possibly find new ones. This might sound kinda odd but try to stay away from any of your friends that have hangs out with them and their boyfriends; that makes it really hard, cause it makes you feel like you wish you had someone there. Hang out with single friends and go out to clubs or hang out spots. Delete his number and anyway to get in contract with him. If he's on your MySpace, delete him.

    • >.< Ill try. thanks

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  • talk about it. then recieve harsh internet judgement. how did you break guy A's heart?

    • He apparently "adored me" and I got depressed and suggested a break. So I could figure things out, and I didn't want to do anything irrational since my moods were all over the place. He was never so great at comfort or really being there for me. He often chose his friends over me and we never got to see eachother. So we just fell apart. According to his friends he spent the entire break a nervous wreck. and now he's 'destroyed' and I feel guilty because he's my best friend.

  • use a sledgehammer.

  • Sorry this has happend to you but like that quote,

    - Never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love.

    Learn from this lesson.


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