How can I stop caring about the people I date?

I find that anyone I date even if it doesn't work out. because of reason like no connection or I didn't love them... I still care about them and I hate it. My latest ex which we break up because of her family which was the same reason me and my other ex break up only by force. anyway am getting off topic even through am not longer with my ex linda I still care about her a lot and think about her often. I just didn't love linda and her family wasn't making things any better. I sometimes over worry if she's gonna be OK she deaf and being forced to stay in thus dumb program thing that's supposed to find her a job. but I feel like it's a waste of her time... seeing as her she's been in it for almost 2 years now. I don't know I guest I just like knowing she's OK and can support herself in the future... we still talk just not to often unless I talk her first. I'dk why am like this but once I date a girl even if it's not for a long time I always worry about them.


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  • There's nothing wrong with worrying, unless it's becoming detrimental to your own well being. I say that's a good trait that you have. Don't overthink it. Embrace it.

    • It's never detrimental to my own well being. I just some nights I spend 1-2 hours thinking about it or just worrying about it. So I sometimes drop by and say hi my 2 ex is not a bad girl I was her first boyfriend but it just didn't work out. I guest I can try embracing it

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  • Im the same..


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