My boyfriend of 1.5 years just stopped talking to me. What do I do?

Not really even a break. I just never heard from him again. We have been together for a year and a half. I am 30, he is 40. We are in love. Or, so I thought. It's going on 5 days now and he won't answer calls, texts or emails. I am just so lost and confused and sad and hurt. He has met my family. I love and care for his son. We were a strong partnership. Then... gone. I don't even know to to begin dealing with this. Any advice?


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  • Is he missing? I mean seriously. No contact at all? Was he in an accident? In the hospital now, unable to communicate with you? The way you word this makes me think some pretty bad stuff might have happened to him, rather than him just dropping you like a rock.

    • I just feel like his roommate would have let me know... Or someone. Someone would have his son and they would have contacted his mother, who I think would contact me. But maybe not.. Thanks for the opinion!

    • It's just so incredibly surprising that someone would literally drop off the face of the Earth. Like you pointed out, you'd think someone would have said something to you! It's not like you just started seeing each other. I just don't know what else to say.

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  • That is so messed up!!! I was just recently ghosted on but I was seeing him for about a month, and that sucked! Did something happen last time you saw him? Are you sure something did not happen to him or his phone or something? When I got ghosted my friends and I decided you can't do that if you went out more than a few times or were intimate. Much less in a long term relationship where he has met the family!! I would never recommend this in any other circumstance but stop by his house and demand you know what is going on! After this long and this level of commitment he cannot just disappear!

    • I have definitely considered it. Just don't wanna make a scene on front of his kid. So, not sure. I really thought at my age that this wasn't a concern. But, guess I'm wrong!

    • No, ghosting lasts forever. But otherwise I don't mean bang his door down and yell at him. Just quietly but assertively ask him to talk to you and just ask where he has been and what is going on.

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  • Looks like he broke up with you, I mean that's his way of breaking up by disappearing just like that. It's really sad that some guys do that.

  • He ghosted you. Best to forget about him. And if you see him with another woman down the line then tell her in front of him how much of a coward he really is.

    • Pretty much what I thought. I really thought at my age this wouldn't be an issue...

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  • He vanished? Has he died? Have you checked with his family to see if anyone has heard from him? Have you called the local hospitals, checked the newspaper? He could be in danger.


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