What does she want from me?

My girlfriend broke up with me but right after the break up said that she didn't want to lose me and still wanted to hang out and be friends. she knew that I wanted her back but did not want to get back together(or it seemed that way) I still talked to her because I still liked her very much but I met a new girl and my ex got jealous and asked why I wanted to be with her (my ex) when I could be with this new girl. I confronted her about it and she said that she only broke up with me because she couldn't balance a boyfriend with her activities. What does she want from me? why does she still want to hang out with me? why did she get jealous?


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  • We want to have our cake and eat it too...

    She doesn't want to be with you, but does not want anyone else to have you.. Simply put, she's selfish & somewhat evil.. It's just how some of us are.


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  • she's not interested in you, if she was she would not have dumped you. so stop thinking this means that, it does not. in fact, stop thinking about what anything she does means, because it doesn't matter. she left you, move on. I'm not even going to comment on her behavior, because it does not matter.


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