Should I take her back??

OK about four months ago my ex girl broke up with me because she said it was "funner" when we were friends ...but now she keeps telling my bro how she can't stop retreating braking up with me and I don't know if I should take her back or just leave it how it is please help


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  • dude I'm going to tell you this from a guy who has been cheated on...

    the one reason ever not to take back a girl is if she cheated. other than that why not? what do you have to lose. especially if you have no other love interest go for it!

    sometimes people make mistakes. I'm sure you're a great dude and she may have known it at the moment. also sometimes people need breaks and/or space. maybe she was going through something at the moment.

    i say as long as she hasn't cheated on you... GO FOR IT! XD


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  • Well I dn't really get her , like if it was funner when you two were friends?, , you should just approach her and ask wht has changed her mind ? like I dnt get y its so hard for people to do this . Communication is key so either she's just using you as a rebound from someone else or she doesn't think she can find anyone or has regretted ending it with you to soon and not giving it more time to develop .

    Either way play it smooth , take it slow , personally I dnt like people coming back , because sometimes once they do this it becomes a rollercoaster of uncertainty ;S

  • I would give it one more shot ... if it's not "fun" anymore it was not meant to be. Good luck.


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