Why do I still love her after over a year of being apart?

Aug 25 will make it 2 years and I love her like nothing changed. the only think that changed is I don't really think about her anymore or stay up all night upset. the thing that happened me move on was this.. I simple thought why let someone whos not even fighting for me effect me this much? I said fuck all the promises we made each other and fuck all the times she break down crying and said she love me and want me to be the guy she would one day marry. it doesn't matter if her parents forced this on her.. that's if it's the truth but even if it was she still didn't fight for me just moved on. so I did the same thing because it was the best choice for me. so why do I still love her? sorry for the spelling mistake I only been in 1 relationship since my ex girlfriend and the new girl was a fail. I cared about the NEw girl a lot but didn't love her and she was too much like my ex.


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  • I know they say time heals all wounds, but in every case that isn't always true. Sometimes you never get over the love you had. However , you have to continue to accept what happened and move on with your life. You have to understand although it hurts , perhaps this was for the best because there was just too much things in front of you that wouldn't make things work.
    I suggest that you keep dating others.
    You'll eventually find someone who is so fantastic that the furthest person from your memory will be your ex.
    I usually advise people to wait before they enter into a relationship , however I see you've waited two years. You don't want to waste your life. You have to pull forward.

    • I waited 1 year before dating agin.. I took time to improve myself but yes Aug 25 will make it 2 years so it's been 1 year in half so far. but I did date 1 other girl but she just ducked like my ex she let her parents control our relationship. Which is the same reason me and my ex didn't work out. So am just trying to find a girl who's muture

    • But maybe your right

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