So a year ago I met this guy we were dating each other about 3 months and I was beginning to doubt if he liked me because hadn't kissed me yet…. ?

We went on a small road trip in our state soon after. We went to his house after, i kissed him and We made out for a while until he proposed going out to get some condoms and that was when i told him that i was a virgin. He looked like he was in awe and only laid there hugging me. We had many opportunities after that to have sex but we never did because i didn't feel ready. Until my 21st birthday came around. i threw a party and i invited him, he texted me that night and i replied about 30 min after but he never showed up and never texted me back. The next morning i had a huge message apologizing with proof that he had stopped by but since i didn't answer he left. To apologize he planned a trip to the snow because i love the snow. This was after 9 months of dating and we finally had sex that night. He never pressured me and thats why i fell for him but he never officially asked me to be his girlfriend.. About a month ago i got the opportunity to move states. I had been feeling him distant and started to think he was losing interest so i decided to move. still talked to him about it in person out of respect. He was very quiet when i broke the news but asked to see me again that same night. we went out and had fun.. had sex that night. Saturday after that we went out again and had sex again… that night in bed he said to me, you know how i was your first and you're always going to remember that? and i said yea?… he said well i have scars on my back where you scratched me during sex that will always remind me of you as well… he took me home, i tried to talk about my move but got completely ignored and i was sad about it. i asked him the next day why he acted that way and he replied, "i feel anything i could say would only make things worse. i can't say don't go and i won't say have fun when i don't mean it. it sucks but its something you want to do so i have to accept it, I'm sorry I don't know what to say… I'm just.. sorry.." after that everything went to shit, (continued in another?)


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  • You fell hard for that guy.
    You wanted more than he did.
    He could have been upfront about his wants , but it's clear to see from his actions he never wanted any more than what you gave him.
    He doesn't know how to say it , in fear that he will hurt you even more.
    This all could have been avoided had he had said this all day one.
    The truth is he respected you. (Which is why he didn't pressure you).
    He cared for you.
    But he only wanted fun and a good time.
    All I can say is that , you have to move on.
    There really isn't a choice in this matter.

  • he can't have scars from shallow scratches unless he had sex with a real animal like a lion lol.

    um yeah what to say? You decided to move and he can't really stop you.
    but it's strange how you have sex which is more intimate than kissing but never kiss? lol
    Mireover how you can sex without knowing what you are to each other.
    Just have a talk with him in person or by phine.
    ask him what you are to him?

    Him asking if you will remember him as your first guy is disappointing it ahows that he is assuming you both won't stay together !


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