How would you feel/what would you do?

Without knowing the situation fully what what you guys do if your ex boyfriend did this or how would you feel?
Ok so we were together for 2 years. 1 year into the relationship I found out he was on a dating site, I don't know if he was active but he had a profile on there with some up to date info. He told me he didn't know how to get off of it and gave me his info so I could take him off.
Now we've split up and it's been 1 month. Only 1 week after we split he made a new profile. I thought maybe he was bored and wanted someone to chat too or uno just a distraction.
He messaged me a few days ago asking for me back, said he still loves me and misses me and thinks we made a mistake. Whilst messaging me he was also messaging another woman on the dating site saying how nice it was to talk to her.
I said we could chat in a month (I have my reasons as to why and he agreed).
A few days after messaging me he asked a girl on the site if she'd go on a date and she agreed!
Note I wouldn't have been as bothered (even though a month is quick to be moving on) if he hadn't actually asked for me back...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Seriously? Do you really need to ask this? He asked for you back. You said no. He tried someone else. Why are you creeping his dating profile? You two aren't together he's doing nothing wrong. What is there to be confused about?

    • Ummm he asked for me back again! He asked if we could get back together and work things out!! He's dating other women but wants to be in a relationship with me again... I might have considered going back to him and he may still be seeing other women in the process!

    • I didn't say no. I said we could chat in a few weeks.

    • I said we could discuss things after the thing which caused us to break up had passed and he said ok then we can discuss if we still have a future. He can't even wait a few weeks to find out if we can work through things but is telling me he misses me like mad and still loves me...
      He was talking to another woman at the same time as he was asking for me back again! If he wants to move on I have no issues with that, in fact I want him too! But he's asking for me back, I said ok we'll talk soon and he agreed. He's dating other people whilst keeping me there as a back up, that's unfair.

What Girls Said 1

  • Girl just confront him ! Tell him what you told us and let him know how YOU feel about that !!
    I consider this as cheating !
    He shouldn't be at a datingsite at all if he's already in a relationship.

    • Thank you I shall do that. I mean we're split up now but I don't see why he asked for me back and then decided to ask another woman on a date! I want him to move on but he needs to move on and not ask for me back at the same time.

    • yes I agree with you :)

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