We broke up over text he said he wouldn't have time to meet up to talk about it and I haven't seen/heard from him since, why has he done this?

Me and my ex broke up over text a few months ago now (Technically I did it but only because he was basically saying it was over but was being too cowardly to do it himself) and I tried to meet up to talk about it/break up in person but he said he wouldn't have time. How can someone be so heartless?

Fast forward a few months and I've not even heard a peep out of him, I just feel so so angry that he thinks it's okay to treat someone who you were in a relationship with to completely drop them and not even give a proper explanation. I feel like I've let him get away with being a coward I want to tell him that it's not okay how he acted but I shouldn't should I, help? I also still have some stuff of his he hasn't asked for back.


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  • sorry for what happened.
    you don't need to take a step back to check who abandon you... always keep your doors open for anybody want to go out of your life and make sure to help them.
    this was going to happen (perhaps not by you), but fortunately it happened before too late.
    before you think about how it happened... know that what happened it's not your fault. just be happy, cuz his mask fall before too late.

    he'll try to build a new bridge by asking for his stuff later... cuz things won't work out there and he'll try to get back together with you.
    be careful, you're dealing with a guy doesn't know what he wants.
    show him that you're happy without him.

    Good luck...

  • You two are over. He is in no obligation to even talk to you. Leave him alone. You're over. That's it. That's all.


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  • If that would make you feel better then yeah just shoot that text at him ;p
    like you said he probably was being a coward.


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