Why do we realize we made a mistake, and how to get them back?

Why do guys or girls sometimes after a breakup realize they made a mistake and ask for a 2nd chance? What gets them thinking about it and make them want that? Im not saying my ex will do it but i hope he does. We were very compatible with a lot in common ( same views, beliefs, goals etc) almost me in guy form in a sense. W were great and i saw myself with him for a long time even my freinds and our friends did. They thought the same. Everything seemed good then in March he fell into stress. For a few months he had been looking for a job and still had not found one. He became stressed about that as well as other things. He shut me out almost and our friends. He never wanted to go out besides a select few times and sat in his room. I felt bad. He always said sorry for being lame and sucking and i told him it would get better soon and i was sticking by his side. Well last Friday he broke up with me. The Friday before that we started to talk about it then i didn't really talk much to him that past week. Mind you the Monday before i took him ti a game and we had a blast and he had found a temp job so i thought things were better. Little did i know it be the last time i saw him. When we talked he said it was nothing i did wrong or didn't do it was how he felt. he said yes he's been stressed but it also put things into perspective to him. He said he fel like we were not growing closer which i find to be bs and his fault bc he closed himself off. He also said he didn't feel the way he thought he should. Now I don't know if he thinks its suppose to be ultimate bliss every second or what. I just miss him and miss what we had. Could there ever be the slightest chance for a 2nd chance? we sort of just left it off on the phone and was like " bye" that was the last of it. I miss him dearly and want him back. I believe it was a lot of stress how could i get him back maybe?
and I know he has not really been doing anything. Maybe gone to the bar once, but other than that he gets home and plays video games. ( Our friend who is a gamer tells me).


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  • If you want a second chance, ask for it. Seriously. If you want it ask. Don't play the stereotype because you know just as I do that you don't want to be a stereotype. Grow some lady balls and freaking ask for a chance 2. If he says no he says no. If he says yes WooHoo.

    • I guess i am just afraid of him saying no since he was the one to break up with me due to his own issues.

    • He texted me late last night and wanted to see how I was. I haven't texted back yet but not sure if what it means. He reached out first but it could just really be that he wants to see

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  • I am sorry you're feeling this way sweetie, but let him go. He's going through something that he needs to deal with alone. If he wanted you there, he would keep you, not dismiss you. Your heart is so big, and you're so caring, but you have to learn how to care about people without making their problems yours. Let him deal with his worries for now. In the meantime, just enjoy your life, do what makes you happy.
    My birthday is Monday, come celebrate with me girlfriend! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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