Should I go see him?

Me and my best friend/ex-boyfriend got into a fight in January and we haven't spoken since. He said in his last message that I shouldn't contact him or email him. I never replied and just left it at that.

The argument itself was stupid and it was my fault. But the underlying cause was the main problem. I had hurt him last year after we planned to see each other and due to short funding I couldn't go even though he had done much to make it a special trip. Furthermore, I blamed him for not supporting me when that's actually all he has done. I was to say the least, a terrible person and friend.

So, I've thought about going to see him in the UK. But I'm not sure it's a good idea. I know that the biggest cause of his frustration was the distance between us. We love each other and I know he still loves me, he said he always would, but the distance pained him, it created a tear that ripped us apart when the plans didn't go through.

Anyway, I've thought about it from two angles. If I to go to his house, leave a letter and perhaps some whiskey (he loves whiskey almost as much as he loved (s) me) - letting him know I'm in town and that I wish to see him; it's likely that he'll talk to me. I don't approach him directly, I let him choose and he isn't forced to see me. But chances are he isn't there at all or don't have time.

If I try to reach him beforehand, he'll tell me not to contact him at all. He's a bit difficult like that and I know his way of thinking.

I really just want to apologize, just to let him know that I didn't mean to hurt him, that I actually want to be friends again. I just want a chance to say I'm sorry face to face.

So, should I try or just give up? The worst thing about this situation, is how much it reminds me of the poor dialogues in movies when two people argue; it has me screaming "just say it!" and this is how I feel right now. I want to say I'm sorry.


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  • LDR is One of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of any here, dear. I know this probably better than anyone.
    Four years ago, in fact yesterday would have been our 4th year Wedding Anniversary, a man from Egypt had found me on Facebook and we had started a whirlwind Romance by Chance. After getting to know him ad his lovely family on Skype for quite some time, I flew out to the Magical Land of Cairo, where I had stayed for 30 days. Things went so well that after returning home, I then hopped back on board again, 3 months later, where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice. I resided there for awhile, Learning how to be a Muslim's wife.
    I am back in the states now and for a million and one times we did always Break up and Make up, We always tried to keep our marriage Going and Flowing. However, it was Me, I sadly admit, who was not the one trying. I ended up cheating, not sure of what I wanted to do, never went back, and it caused a big problem down a Full Circle Path of destruction. Four months into the year, the longest ever, We have not been in touch.
    Please, sit down and think this Sticky Situation over carefully. It needs to be handled with kid gloves. Do not start something that you may not be able to finish. It takes Two to Tango and Two to Tangle and 'Two' to make the Effort to be 'On board' and make the team effort, for if Not, it can Go and Grow dead in the water real quick.
    Before packing a bag and wasting your hard earned money, honey, on a ticket that may end up to be on a whim and a prayer, Make sure you Contact Him.. See where you stand with your man.
    My own 'man' would have been jumping to High Heavens knowing I would be Returning... He even had bought us a new mattress for our King size bed in our new apartment in the family house that he wanted for just for the two of us.
    Good luck and my blessings, I know this story so well. xx

  • You need to ask him first... flying to the UK isn't exactly cheap, unless you don't mind risking all the money for a yes or no.

  • You clearly want to do it because you're questioning it, do it what have you got to lose


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