What should I do? Advice please?

I saw a text on my boyfriend's phone with a kiss 💋 beside it from the sender. I glanced at it and read he had agreed to meet a ex. At the time I asked and he said it was a cousin. I let it go.
A week later I was going out of town and said" no meeting Sara this weekend". He flipped. Rd me to mind my own business and stop talking to her.
I never spoke to her. It was meant as a joke. He was so angry he won't talk text me at all. He said I have trust issues.
I apologized and told him I love him but this is up to him. He thinks he may end our relationship.
Do I text? Leave it?
I love him.
Please help


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What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with Kittie, he lied about it in the first place, so that should have been a huge sign right there. Turning it on you then is definitely a sign of guilt. You definitely need to have a talk about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think the fact that he flipped out is almost an admission of guilt. It sounds like he is guilty to me and is nervous that you know. I would try to talk to him about it. I wouldn't go in saying " I KNOW WHAT YOU DID" but address the issue and don't let him change the subject. Best of luck <3


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