He's stuck on my mind?

A few months ago my crush started flirting with me and he told me he liked me. We talked about being in a relationship and how we could work it out and all that stuff. It really seemed like he was interested in the real me. He wanted a nude and I kept playing games about actually sending him one. I never did do it, and I new I never would. Over time he lost interest in me because I kept leading him on but I still wanted wanted to go out with him at the same time. Now we barely talk and it's pretty awkward sometimes. He tried being nice after not talking for a while, but I acted rude to him. I know that he's got his eye on another girl, and I still expect him to tell me that he still likes me. It's like I can't let myself actually let him go while I pretend not to care at the same time. What should I do...?


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  • So you have been palying hard to get, leading him instead of being honest with him, he lost interest and when he tried to talk to you and you were rude to him, now he's has moved on what did you expect to happen, that you could treat him like this indefinitly, that you would play head games and he would put up with it. He has moved on, if you want a relationship with him, talk with him and be honest, tell him how you feel and don't lead him on he might respect it or he may just given up on you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Quit playing games and make your intentions known. If you find that you're interested in a guy after having talked about it---just tell him the truth. As far as sex goes, if you know that you aren't ready--then don't act like you are. While I can't condone sexual activity in people under 18, I know that it does happen so don't promise to send nude pics or sexually tease him. He's going to assume that you know what you're doing and that you're up for sex. So, if you aren't ready, just make it known as soon as the topic comes up. If he's a gentleman, he'll respect your honesty. If he's only looking for one thing, you'll find out soon enough.

    That being said, I could see why he might get frustrated at the game playing and just move on to someone else. It does get really old after a while. If you still feel like you want to try to give things a try with this guy, then don't waste any more time and just tell him the truth. Tell him that you do still have feelings for him and that you apologize if he felt like you were messing with his head. The truth is, that you just weren't ready to get into any sexual activity and you just didn't know how to tell him because you were afraid that he'd leave. Just be honest, don't expect this guy to see through your facade of "not caring" when you really do. Men aren't mind readers. If you don't speak up, you have no right to be angry.


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