How do you ensure someone likes you?

besides the obvious asking them..


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  • Look at how they look at you, how they behave, do they give you attentoin, touching, flirting, drawn to you, offer to help, friendly etc there is no real way to get to know how they feel about you but you can make a guess from how they act.

    • He isn't touchy to any of the girls he likes but he's really smiley and teases a lot and flirty in that way and when we make we contact it looks like he's thinking something? is that possible

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  • if they always go out of there way to make it known they want you and only you even its tiresome or inconvenient.


  • One way can be if they put more of their attention on you then something else.

    For example, they text you daily or prefers to hang out with you more than their friends.

    • What if you don't have their number yet?

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