What to do about my girlfriend?

My girlfriend, or should i say ex-girlfriend broke up with me, for the reason of "not wanted a relationship", she states that she still loves me, but doesn't want a current relationship, I've asked her if we would ever get back together and she said "yes we will". so she still calls me Baby, and tells me she loves me but she also admitted to having a boyfriend before me which she lied about to me. her bestfriend texted me and told me that she doesn't love me the way i love her, but when i screenshotted that and told her if it was true she said no, "i love you" then i asked if there was another boy involved (practically her EX) and she said she only loves me and nobody else. if more details are needed please ask questions and please help me out on what i should do...


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  • she wants to be single and alone for a while. she does only love you but right now she's figuring her own sh*t out

  • well do u no what she has been doing dering this

    • No, Honestly i don't.

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    • She said it was because, She can't be in a relationship. she said she doesn't have time, because her Gramma is really strict and she doesn't feel like begging her gramma to go out, and she doesn't wanna stress looking good for me whenever we go out.

    • well im not sure if she is keeping u like a dog on a chain but if u want wait it out see where it goes but if u not sure abut her feeling cut the cord

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