Is my ex going to speak to me ever again or is this it?

We dated in high school before breaking up before college. We were best friends for years before, and I was very sad when he was disinterested/stubborn in not talking to me after (I dumped him). 2 years later, we run into each other again at a party. We talked a bit and then decided to meet up for a drink to catch up, then just continued talking and talking, 24/7. Eventually decided to go visit him in his college town for a weekend, and it was amazing and we hooked up but afterwards we weren't really sure what to do, thought trying now would make it messy later so tried to be friends. Very flirty, he comes back into town and we hook up again and it has now been a few months of basically being in a relationship. We start fighting because it hadn't been defined what we were and some other issues and suddenly he needed space but I wanted an answer and he just said "I don't know why don't we see what happens" and eventually after fighting "at this point I just want it to end, it's too much." I get really angry at him and block him for a few days but then apologise, ask him how he is and he just says "I'm good" and I ask how his party is and he just says "Still going strong" I then tell him after all the weirdness goes away that I hope we can be friends. He sees it and doesn't reply. It's been 2 weeks and no word. I've got dates planned and trying to move on, but I really don't want it to end this way. Is there a change he will speak to me again?
Is my ex going to speak to me ever again or is this it?
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