How do you even respond to this?

Ex boyfriend of two weeks now
Says he wants me back and how he regrets breaking up with me and how he's and Idiot and how sorry he is and how he wants everything to go back to the way it was (he broke up with me because I was uncomfortable) and he said I can't be with you if your not comfortable with my friends

I was actually considering it

But then he wrote me I hope I can trust you like I used to
I responded what's that supposed to mean and he's like
I trusted you heaps before
But now your hanging out with a lot of people and everyone is talking to you
I don't know

And I'm like are you seriously stating that I would cheat on you wow

I'm mortified


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  • sorry for what happened.
    I see he's trying to put the blame on you to make feel guilty about what happened. you ask this question cuz you're no longer feel secure about getting back together.
    you've the right to feel that way, cuz who leave you once definitely will leave twice.

    that relationship will make you give more than take... and this will make it much easier to break your heart again.
    walk away and let him know that you're not easy to get and not cheap to buy.

    Good luck...

  • Fuck him. Don't even consider going back. If he can dump you so quick over something so stupid he'll do it again

  • Tell him to fuck off. Plain and simple he a asshole


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