Guys, Did you ever miss the girl you dumped?

I treated my exbf right and he said he loves me. he was having huge problems with drugs


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  • sorry, but I don't think he's a honest about what he said. he puts himself in danger, which mean you're in danger too. sorry, but there's no future with this guy. drugs are taking all over his life and it will get a lot worse before it gets better if it ever does get better.
    If he really loves you he won't break up with you, but I see he loves his drugs more than you.

    before you think about love... think about consequences.

    Good luck...

    • Sometimes I feel bad because I think he is doing way more drugs now... His mother texted me saying he doesn't get out of his bedroom, only to go to work. His mother doesn't know what is happening but I'm sure he is worse now.
      I feel a bit concerned but he decided to dump me.

    • that person is completely irresponsible and he'll put himself and his mother in danger. I suggest to meet his mother in person outside home and explain to her what's happening behind her back... cuz soon or later she'll know about him when he get arrested or when he goes to jail (or worst)... and that's called too late.
      she's his mom and she can deal with the issue professionally before things get worse.

  • Well, it depends why you dumped them (the reason). But surely "exes" appear in our minds from time to time (unless you have the strength to totally delete them from your memories).

  • Sometimes just the sex, lol. They're exes for a reason.

    • You never loved any of your exes?

    • Only one, my daughter's mom. But that ended years ago, I've moved on.

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