NEED HELP :( My ex girlfriend?

Well let me start off buy saying we finished on bad terms, we split up around 4-5 months ago, she blocked me of msn messenger Facebook deleted number and just totally stopped talking, tbh ill admit she was the first girl iv ever "fell" for!

So 4-5 months down the line she recently re-added me on fb and apologized says she was a immature bitch she was going through a tough stage in her life and hopes I could forgive her and she's really sorry ( she didn't cheat on me or anything just finished over nothing really and she started being a bitch ), so I forgave her and just said forget about it its gone and past ( at the time I said that to her, I was well over her so I wasn't too bothered ).

After chatting to her on msn, I have feelings for her all over again I really can't stop thinking about her and its driving me crazy, now see the thing is I think she may like me too but I'm not sure :/ she re-added me totally random after all this time. She has also been saying every time she hears certain songs or anything about Michael Jackson she thinks about me ( as I am madly in love with MJ ha ha ) and she also said to me she's throwing a surprise party for her mum's 50th and would like me to go and help her organize things ( her mum adored me, like she really liked me ). The thing is she has a boyfriend whom she has been with for about a month :/

Anyway I really don't no what to do, what to say because she has a boyfriend :( need a bit of advice some help ? :(


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hang out with her in person some and see if it feels like old times. It you still feel like you have feelings for her.. Ask her if she still has any feelings for you. The worst that could happen is her saying no. But then, you will know and depending on the answer you can do what is right.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well what I really think you need to do, invite her out on a date that really isn't date, if you get what I mean, and then after maybe a good day together, have a heart to heart with her be realistic, because the longer you wait, the more it will hurt the more you will just wonder. If she does love you, and does want you back, I guarantee you it will be obvious. But all you can do is talk to her in person 1 on 1, tell her how you feel. Make it clear if she does want you back, the other Boyfriend has to go.


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