Ex boyfriend initiated contact first, what does he want?

We officially broke up one week ago Friday. I do miss him greatly. We were really happy together and I saw us going for a long time. Anyway last night he texted me. It was 12;30 at night so i did not respond. I have not responded yet either but i will soon. He said " hey, I wanted to see how your doing" What could this mean? Im not trying to read too much into it and get my hope up but i do love him and do want a second chance. Could he miss me, want me back, just genuinly want to know or what? He was really stressed and one thing lead to another. He was stressed for a month and he said he felt we were not growing closer and he wasn't feeling what he thought he should. I think both were his faults bc he closed everyone out. He said it was nothing i did or didn't do it had to do with him. So could there possibly be a chance or what could he want? I am going to text him back in a few.


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  • sex.

    one breakup is enough for me.

    • Ugh, I hope not

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    • here's the problem with taking the easy way out. the other person knows how weak you are and at the same time not respecting you so much, hell get turned off.

      people sometimes call me arrogant but its people i rejected.

    • my piint is you are number one and following feelings is not the best idea often. you're just prolonging pain

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  • okay I say stand up for your self, as in, ask him straight, 'whats going on here?' id be inclined to ask/tell , I still care about you, and miss you, but I need you to give me space if you have stopped caring about me, which I resume because that's why we broke up? Or if you'd like to start talking again, then lets date again, but don't hurt me anymore than I am by giving me false hope, it makes getting over you so much harder''

    • Exactly, I have such strong feelings for him and see us going far. I don't know what his intentions of the text are yet as I did not text him back. I know he was going through a tough time and im not sure of this stuff lead to him feeling this way and breaking up. Once i text him back i will see what is going on. It could mean something or it couldnt

    • and then also, when you text him back, let him know how much you respect yourself, as in, ''if you cared about me at all, and your decision about breaking up is final, then I do need time with no contact with you to get over you properly, I need space. It's nice that you texted me, but only because I still care for you, however your text only get's me hopefull again, so if there's nothing, help me get over you quickly, because I don't want to hurt any more'', I dunno, definitely don't template that, write it in your own words, but yeah. I guess this show's you caring about yourself, because you need to when you break up with someone you love, and its also showing that your being strong, even though you still care for him. good luck, and deffinately ask him what he's trying to say behind that text! xx

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