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I am soo heartbroken that the guy I thought would be my future just broke up with me in the worst of ways.
After I visited him in his apt with my sister. He begged me for ages to come visit him, I took a train to see him. At the same time I was in the middle of moving out.
When I left his apartment I got numerous texts from him telling me how he missed me and how he was crying in his pillow and how his parents/family skyped him.
After that, I get no response from him
He disappeared.
I sent him numerious emails begging him to respond to me. He sent 2 cold DETACHED emotionless emails.
He said things along the lines of "Its only been 4 months, nothing happened betwwen us"
"we need to go our own separate ways" "you dont trust me because even though i gave you my word... you still pushed marriage on me"
I SWEAR TO YOU! He was always the one who brought up kids and marriage. I never once said he was "rushing things".
He always spoke in future tense. He even looked up school districts for our future kids to go to!!
I was shocked.

Ever since then he ignored and blocked me.
My friend found his profile on a Muslim matrimonial website. His profile talked about how he wanted an "educated/career" INDEPENDENT woman who eventually wants to have kids.
He even joked on the site saying "I know your parents are pressuring you to marriage like mine" LOL

So its an issue if I "pressure" to marriage, but his parents pressuring him to marriage is funny and cute?
Please help out you guys and gals. Why would a guy do this? why would he ignore, hoping I get the hint. The only reason why he sent me the breakup email is because I asked him over and over. On his own, he just ignored me hoping I go away.
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